Wireless Access Point

Wireless Access Point

Wireless Access Point (WAP) for manufacturing facilities provide a networking hardware device to allow Wi-Fi compliant devices to connect within a connected network. It can connect to a wireless router as a standalone devices or the component of a router. WAP has the standard of frequency of IEEE 802.11 and has special security considerations which requires the use of an encryption from WEP to WPA2 and other reliable built-in traffic in most devices nowadays.

In the mission-critical of manufacturing environment user experience, connectivity and security require the right type of device.


Zebra’s hardware and software security solutions work together to create a fortress around your data, making it easier for facilities to comply with government regulations like HIPAA.


Downtime is not an option for your healthcare staff. Zebra’s wireless LAN seamlessly reroutes traffic around any malfunctioning equipment in your network.


Zebra's Air Defense Network Assurance solutions allows IT to proactively and remotely optimize, identify and resolve network issues.