Mojo Networks

Mojo Networks (formerly 'AirTight Networks') is the global leader in comprehensive cloud Wi-Fi solutions. The company’s award-winning family of products and cloud services combines a true carrier-class multitenant cloud architecture with breakthroughs in Wi-Fi location, user analytics, social engagement, manageability, ease of deployment, and cost effectiveness, as well as AirTight’s longtime top-rated WIPS technology. AirTight’s global customer base includes leading enterprises in the government, financial, technology/telecom, manufacturing, health care, retail, and hospitality sectors.

Benefits of Airtight

  • Patented “marker packet” technology
  • Accurate, automated device/threat classification
  • Automated threat prevention
  • Accurate devices location tracking
  • BYOD onboarding and policy enforcement
  • Real-time troubleshooting and analysis
  • Integration with leading WLAN infrastructures

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