Spartanics DKP

Founded in 1963, Spartanics headquarter is located in USA. Within the past five years, Spartanics introduced technology for Laser Die Cutting and roll-to-roll Screen Printing LInes. Spartanics started to reach in printing and converting markets, from circuit boards to automobile trim, insurance cards, financial and smart cards, to labels to photonics and beyond. Spartanics high precision technology is often the unseen hand in speeding production processes across the globe. 

Nearly every credit card in the world has been counted by a Spartanics plastic card counter, whose unfailing accuracy is the recognized standard in the global card manufacturing industry. similarly, a wide array of graphic arts and converting products are counted by Spartanics counters, from labels to greeting cards, to pharmaceutical inserts, to folded cartons, tickets, playing cards, envelopes and many more. 

Why should you use Spartanics card counters?

Spartanics has developed a solid reputation of leadership in the insurance, financial, loyalty and identification card manufacturing industry. Spartanics products are among the top quality card manufacturing equipment in the world, including: card counters, card inspection systems, card punching systems, hot stamping machines and lamination systems.

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