Zebra Card Printer - ZC300

23 July 2019 0 views

Make a logo pop with a metallic underlay. Add a 3D text effect to account numbers. Create a security watermark that will fluoresce under UV light. Add color-shifting variables for enhanced security. Print a protective overlay for extra durability without separate lamination.

If you can dream it, the Zebra ZC300 card printer can print it.

The ZC300 is the fit anywhere card printer that combines a full range of business ready features with speciality ribbons to give you easy access to advanced design capabilities :

1. Color Shifting Ribbon

Enhance the security of your full color ID cards with a color shifting logo or security mark that’s visible to the naked eye. Color shifting features can even be applied to variable data.

2. Long Life Ribbon

Protective layers add years to the life of your cards without the additional cost of lamination, increasing your overall ROI. For enhanced security, include a watermark image in the protective layer.

3. 3D Ribbon Text Effects

Make customer names, account numbers, and other design elements pop with a silver panel that gives a 3D apperance to the finished card

4. 3D Ribbon Metallic Image

When you need a card that really pops, the 3D ribbon creates a metallic underlay that makes a logo or image stand out. It’s perfect for membership cards, VIP badges, and corporate event ID cards.

Benefits :

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