RFID in Airport Expansion & Upgrading Summit South East Asia

22 January 2015 0 views

The AIDC industry exists to make people and businesses more efficient. In 2013, Indonesia’s travel and tourism sector grew by 8.4 percent, spurred by the 8.7 million visitors to the country. In spending, that translates to USD $10.28 billion across categories such as business, leisure and transport, and a growth in international visitor spending at 15 percent, and 7 percent in domestic growth. A country of some 17,000 islands,spanning a distance equal to that from West to East Coast of the United States, a population of about 250 million and a rapidly growing number of middle class consumers, Indonesia’s demand for more and bigger airports is particularly pressing as the country prepares to build and relocate a total of 45 airports over the next decade.

The Airport Expansion & Upgrading Summit held in Double Tree, Jakarta, from January 14-15  2015, served as the highest industry platform for government authorities and airport professionals to meet, network, share knowledge and strategies in order to meet the demand for green, smart & passenger-friendly airport facilities. DKP in collaboration with Zebra and Maxworth Systems, showcased the technology of RFID and Maxworth applications  such as PAX track and reconciliation, terminal management systems, roving agent, and baggage reconciliation systems - applications to accelerate aviation productivity and profitability. 

The summit, specifically targeting the Southeast Asia aviation industries, proved to be an important event for prestigious clients such as Garuda Indonesia, and provided a powerful momentum for DKP to further facilitate automation within the competitive aviation industry. With the imminent explosion of demand for automation in airport expansions in Indonesia, DKP was present to provide the industry with the answers and solutions for quick, safe and efficient operations. For more information on our future events, please visit us at

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