One Click Seminar - Surabaya

15 March 2015 0 views

PT Duta Kalingga Pratama had recently held the Information on ONE CLICK Seminar, the fifth event conducted in 2015 at the Java Paragon Hotel, Surabaya on Monday March, 8th 2015. The goal of having this seminar is to emphasize on the rapid growth of RFID technology and its related Hardware & applications. Additionally, we are aiming to continuously increase awareness on RFID technology to the public in the surrounding East Java regions

For this event, we cooperated with Honeywell, Zebra Wireless, Airtight Network and Cognex to introduce what the market can expect by having reliable solutions on manufacturing. This seminar gave an opportunity for visitors to engage in Q&A sessions with products and solutions’ expert and find out on how to operate current and new devices. As quoted by our recent visitor: “I’m happy with the seminar, we’ve been a DKP customer since many years and we consistently learn new things from what the company has to offer and we are confident that DKP will become a reliable company with more products and solutions to offer.”

As what we are looking into, Indonesia is shifting towards automation and the needs for Visibility Solutions becomes a necessity for the market.  To conclude, the goal for this seminar was achieved with high interests on the RFID knowledge, solutions and products by having excellent turnouts with number of companies interested on RFID information, rack tracking, warehouse solutions and printers, we are excited to be a part of this visibility solutions and knowledge extensions for variety of industries in Indonesia. Visit for future events and be sure not to miss it.

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