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13 October 2022 0 views

Introduction of Our New Partner - HPRT

PT. Duta Kalingga Pratama would like to introduce a new partner, named HPRT (officially known as Xiamen Hanin Electronic Technology), a provider of retail solutions. Originating from Xiamen, China, HPRT specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, and sales of thermal receipt printers, barcode label printers, mobile printers, barcode scanners, TTO printers, portable A4 printers, small photo printers, digital textile printers, and more. We introduced HPRT as our new partner to expand our existing solutions and meet the ever growing needs of our customers. With their products such as the HT100 Thermal Label Printer or the N160BT Handheld Barcode Scanner, HPRT strives to be the ultimate retail solution! Please stay tuned to find out more about what HPRT products will be provided by us in the near future!

HPRT - HT100 Thermal Label Printer

The 4" Thermal Transfer Label Printer is suitable for many varying industries, may it be within the warehouse management industry, postal service industry, healthcare industry, manufacturing industry, and more! With features such as having the capability to support multiple types of labels (continuous/gap/black mark labels) and a 100-meter long ribbon reliability. Alongside the abrasive-resistant KC14 coating, its longevity as your industry’s solution is completely assured. 

HPRT - N130BT Handheld barcode Scanner

The 2D Handheld Barcode Scanner is capable of speedy and reliable scanning while being in a lightweight ergonomic form. Its high performance in decoding, long distance scanning, megapixel sensor, multi-language keyboard, and prominent durability, this product can guarantee its status as a long-lasting effective and efficient solution for your respective industries. Commonly used in the retail industry, the N130BT Handheld barcode Scanner could also be used in the healthcare, hospitality, government, and light manufacturing industries. 

HPRT - P200 Presentation Barcode Scanner

The 2D Stationary Barcode Scanner supports Omnidirectional Image Scanning through its wide-angled adjustable omnidirectional scanning window, which is ideal for mobile payments, retail, healthcare, finance, transportation, manufacturing, logistics, and many more! Its Infrared & Light Dual Sensing is embedded with both infrared and light sensor, which automatically triggers barcode reading once the object nears the scan window. With these features, the P200 Presentation Barcode Scanner will act as an invaluable asset for your industry. 

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