Indonesian Digital Healthcare Summit 2017

25 September 2017 0 views

PT. Duta Kalingga Pratama and Jaya Institute had held Indonesian Digital Healthcare Summit 2017 at Solo Paragon Hotel & Residences on 13 – 14 September 2017.


Indonesia Digital Healthcare Summit 2017 was held for hospitals & clinics to improve :

1.    Patient Check-In

2.    Medication Administration

3.    Radilogy and Laboratory Tracking

4.    Pharmacy Management

5.    Integrated Patient Monitoring

6.    Hospital Bed Management System

7.    Medical Records Management


The event is supported by our partner in the following categories :

1.    Software Solutions

a.    Medcurial – Enabling Connected Healthcare

b.    Meridian – Content Management System

c.     Fitprise – Asset Management System

d.    Bartender – Labelling Software

2.    Hardware Solutions

a.    Zebra – Barcode Printer, barcode scanner and supplies.

b.    Harrisma – Air Purifier

c.     Aruba HP – Wireless Access Point

d.    Advantech – Clinical Mobility Solution

e.    Anviz –Biometric For Intelligent Security

f.     Janz – Point Of Sales

g.    MY Signals – eHealth and Medical IOT Development

h.    Dr. Evoo –  Evolution of jewelry & Piercing

i.     Infinys – Cloud Company

Mr. George Pepes  as a keynote speaker for session :  

The role of Healthcare purposed technology and better patient care connections. 

Mr. Willex Perez  as a keynote speaker for session :

Implementasi RME Berbasis Akreditasi & BPJS

Mr. Edison Dungo as a keynote speaker for session :

Healthcare Industry adapting to Current IT Landscape.

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