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24 February 2023 0 views

Hikrobot could assist in your company’s transition into Industry 4.0. One of the many elements of an IIoT environment includes the Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV), which are autonomous vehicles that are able to move within a warehouse and carry crates within its boundaries. The mobile robots can be ordered to move a crate from one side of the warehouse to the other at a click of a button. Hikrobot’s solution is bound to assist your company’s warehouse needs.

Hikrobot - Latent Mobile Robot

Characterized by its lifting mechanism, LMR (Latent Mobile Robot) has an optimized motion performance for agile movements across your warehouse and enhanced safety protection against workplace injuries. This product helps our customers create a safer working environment for their employees and build a more cost-effective rate of productivity. With five different types of Latent Mobile Robots (with varying specs), Hikrobot is bound to have solutions that specifically suit your own respective industries, may it be for the automotive, consumer electronics, manufacturing, logistics, and foods/pharmaceuticals industries. A detailed list of the specifications of the Q3-600C (one of the five options) can be seen down below:

  • Dimension L*W*H (mm) : 940mm x 650mm x 253mm

  • Lifting Height : 60mm

  • Rotation Diameter : 996mm

  • Rated Speed (m/s) : 2.0m/s

  • Max. Rotation Speed (°/s) : 200°/s

  • Rated Load : 600kg

  • Robot Weight : 135kg

  • Battery Endurance : 8hrs 

  • Charging Time (h) : ?1.5hrs

  • Position Accuracy (mm) : ±10mm

  • Driving Mode : Differential Drive

  • Navigation System : SLAM/QR

Hikrobot’s other variants of Automated Guided Vehicles:

Q7-1000D, Q7-1500D, Q7-1000E, and Q2L-300A

Do contact us for more information if you’re interested! You also may also contact us if you have questions regarding Hikrobot’s Latent Mobile Robot’s specifications or what other variants of the product we provide. 

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