Customer Gathering - Batam

09 December 2022 0 views

PT. Duta Kalingga Pratama organized a gathering event exclusive to customers and prospective clients of the Company’s Batam Branch on Thursday, November 3, 2022. Weeks prior, invitations were sent to said customers and prospective clients of the surrounding Riau Islands Province. The event itself which took place at the Best Western Hotel Batam was attended by 53 participants from various different business lines

The gathering event started at 18:00 with a dinner, which gradually shifted to a get-together meeting between clients, prospects, and staff. Once supper-time ended, the audience were directed to a product demo and presentation of the latest Solutions from our partner, Zebra Technologies. Through the displays of the product and the following workshop/seminar, participants gained insight on the newest releases from our partner and how it could help them in their own respective industries. At the end of the event, the door prize winners were announced and each winner received their winnings. The event slowly winded down and officially ended at 20:00. 

We hope that through the many fruitful get-together sessions, all participants gained useful insight while enjoying the event to the fullest! Additionally, we also want to congratulate those who won our Door Prize and ultimately thank everyone for their participation in Our Gathering Event. For those who were not able to participate in this gathering, be on the lookout as we have many more events like this coming up! See you there!