Case Study: Pick/ Put to Light (PPTL) Solution

27 May 2021 0 views

The client is one of the largest convenience store chains in Indonesia. All of the usual convenience store goods such as basic grocery items, magazines, soft drinks, fried chicken and foods are available there.

In order to increase the performance on the supply chain distribution and distribution productivity in Indonesia, the customer expands the Distribution Center (DC) to support current store and also for the future expansion.

Following with this expansion, they are also aware that PPTL is the solution to support the supply chain to their store. However, for handling the inbound and outbound processes more effectively and productive, they also need automation and other technology which are in-line with their business.

Based on the current condition in Indonesia, the Distribution Center (DC) supports more than 100 stores and is already supported with System and Data Capture Technology using barcode.

By leveraging all of this technology with Racking System, Pick/Put to Light (PPTL) and Conveyor, they have targeted to support supply chain to more than 200 stores in 2019 accurately, fastly and effectively.

In the existing operational area, the current operations are as follow:


For picking operations:

Solution 1- For flow racks (faster moving SKUs)

For faster moving SKUs, MWU2040PF 4 digits light module with 7 colors. The color is for indicating the different person, while the digit is to inform quantity to be picked. One lamp will be attached to one SKU. At each rack of 24 SKUs, light module MWU2000LF no digit light module with 7 colors will be used for confirmation button.

After finished picking at that rack, operator needs to press the confirmation button to indicate that the picking at that very rack has finished and box will move to next rack. Depending on the color assigned to different operator, it will light accordingly.

Solution 2 – For wings rack

For wings rack, the 2nd priority rack, at each level, MWU2060PF 6 digits light module with 7 color will be used. 6 digits to display location of SKU within that level and quantity to be picked. For example: “1-5” means pick from location 1 on that level with quantity 5.