Company Information


Since 1987, PT. Duta Kalingga Pratama has been successful in gaining admirations from commercial and industrial customers all over Indonesia, and beyond. From 1993, DKP has been the forerunner in Auto ID and Data Capture (AIDC) technology and with over 32 years of experience, DKP continues to provide high-quality, cost effective and innovative solutions in AIDC technology and towards Visibility Solutions.

Vision & Mission

At DKP, our VISION is "to become the market leader in end-to-end Visibility Solutions by leveraging on Convergence and Innovative Technologies."  

Working towards that vision, our MISSION is to commit and provide our customers with:

Management Voice

As a veteran player with a strong niche in the automatic data collection business, DKP has ascertained that both the technology and needs of our customers have evolved rapidly through the years. In the early years, our focus was simply on auto-id hardware or devices that meet our customers’ requirements. Over the years, the market has become more mature and especially now when we are living in this millennial generation, many businesses are changing or transiting in order to brave the challenges of disruptive technologies to ensure their sustainability. In the light of this, DKP has also been driven to fill the gaps of a visibility solution provider on which most of our customers are engaging us today.

As we continue to steer through this journey and keep up with the complex and rapid evolving business environment and technologies, we expect that there will be challenges but we are confident in rising above the headwinds. At DKP, our management is a strong believer of the “CPEST” values focusing on Customers, Partners, Employees, Stakeholders and Technology to be where we are today and we will always be strongly committed to the delivery of more value and innovative solutions to meet the expectations of all our valued customers.