DKP Support

Why is a Customer Care program important?

Every day you count on your AIDC device to keep your business running, A Customer Care Program provides the finest care and attention for your devices within a cost-effective plan and budget.

Why do you NEED it?

Your device is a crucial part of your AIDC system. That is why a Customer Care Program offers a maintenance and service program designed to keep your AIDC device in a perfect working order. You will be satisfied knowing that highly trained professionals are servicing your device using the highest quality spare parts.



Our Customer Care Program:


Our Maintenance and Service Contract is an agreement that protects your assets: no hassle and quick service at a fixed price.

    1. Maintenance and service with preventive maintenance to protect your devices against accidental damage.
    2. Zebra One Care Program (supported directly by Zebra) with multi-year options from date of purchase provides comprehensive repair coverage for those who need time-critical support.
    3. Honeywell Repair Service (HRS) supported directly by Honeywell for service and sparepart.
    4. Ease of Service from Datalogic is an extended warranty program supported by Datalogic.

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