Resto & Retail Software


A fully integrated retail and resto solution that provides today's retailer with a complete end to end functionality

Benefit :

  1. Boost Retail and Resto Operational Efficiency
  2. Improves Customers Experience
  3. Manage Cost

Boost Operational Efficiency :

  1. Supplier management : efficiently manage all information from your suppliers, including contacts, addresses, payment terms and conditions or price list and gain accurate visibility about their performance with detailed transactional information.
  2. Inventory Transfer : Easily transfer stocks among stores. The Inventory transfer report suggest items and quantities to transfer based on maximum stocking levels or replenishment calculations, making it easy to figure out the best way to distribute your merchandise.
  3. Purchase Management : Control of your purchasing process with a comprenhensive procurement functionality, including requisitions, purchase orders, transfer, goods receipts, purchase invoicing and returns vendors.

Improve Customer Experience :

  1. Customer Registration : Create customer accounts instantly and engage them with targeted and personalized offers.
  2. Marketing Management :  Capability to advertise, get customer feedback through surveys.
  3. Promotions & Discounts : Rapidly develop and rollout targeted retail promotions to specific customers or customer group, products or products group, strores or to any combination of the above. Define automatic and discretionary discounts, such as fixed percentage amount discount, buy x, pay y of same different product, buy X and get y as a gift, packs, user defined amount of percentage.

Manage Cost :

  1. Product Management : Effectively manage a very large number of retail product reference or SKUs accros multiple stores. Add your item manually, or rapidly import them from a spreadsheet.
  2. Dashboard : View best buy item, store's current sales, total sales by product, day , customer and much more for a given data range.
  3. Pricelist Management : Gain flexibility to support your pricing requirements with comprehensive price list management functionality, including the ability to create retail price lists with or without tax included to meet your local requirements, prices based on costs for an accurate margin control, or scalable level pricing. Create new price lists faster by using price list schemas and existing price lists and keep a priceing history with multiple price list versions.

Good For : 

  1. Fashion Retail
  2. Beauty Salon
  3. Electronic
  4. Restaurant
  5. Cafe
  6. Bakery