Zebra P330i

Zebra Technologies is one of the leaders in the world of Barcode Printing with more than 5 million Zebra barcode printers sold all around the world. The year 1969 marks the beginning of Zebra Tehcnologies as the manufacturer company of electro mechanic with a high speed. The company changes its policy towards labeling and ticketing systems in 1982, and from 1986 developd into Zebra Technologies as in the present.

Zebra Technologies is based in United States of America and to maintain the quality and the product standard that is being manufactured by Zebra Technologies, they are complying with the International Standard ISO 9001. Zebra has a wide range of distribution including Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific that is centralized in Singapore.

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ZXP Series 8

ZXP Series 8

ZXP Series 8 retransfer card printer line and ZMotif software platform, create on-demand plastic cards with picture-perfect image quality that meets your brand and quality requirements. To achieve this superior image quality, the printer uses image processing algorithms based on Zebra’s photo printer technology. Increase your operational efficiency without sacrificing image quality through the printer’s best-in-class throughput, provided by Zebra’s patent-pending simultaneous dual-sided image transfer process.

Quick Facts

  • Single and dual-sided edge to edge color printing and lamination
  • Max print speed single side 190 cards/hour
  • Max print speed dual side 180 cards/hour
  • Print resolutions 304 dpi
  • Card feeder capacity 150 cards (0.76mm)
  • Windows drivers: win7, XP and Server 2003
  • Options : Magnetic Encoder and Ethernet TCP/IP
ZXP8 Card Issuance

ZXP8 Card Issuance

With Zebra’s ZXP Series 8 Secure Issuance printer, your financial, educational or retail institution can issue financial cards quickly, securely and without sacrificing print quality. You’ll boost customer satisfaction by instantly printing and encoding personalized cards on site.

Quick Facts

  • Printer auto lock on power-up initialization
  • Obscured, locked access 150 card capacity feeder (30 mil)