Headquartered at Dubai, TrackIT is a focussed tracking solutions company with the core competence in RFID and complementary technologies. TrackIT started its operations in 2004 and has successfully executed several enterprise RFID projects with many of them being first of its kind in the entire world. Few of the projects are Suspect Baggage Tracking Systems at international airports, Asset tracking system in multiple banks, Steel Inventory Management at SABIC and Warehouse Automation at a petro-chemical plant in Saudi Arabia. TrackIT has also built meaningful associations with several large corporate entities like Motorola, IBM and Microsoft.

Quick Facts

EntrackBag is a comprehensive suspect bag tracking system that facilitates airport security/customs officials to identify and uniquely tag a suspect bag. Subsequently that bag can be unobtrusively tracked or located and relevant officials can then be alerted. The system also enables airports to profile passengers and build a database that can be used to improve the security.


  • RFID based system with disposable tags
  • Unobtrusive suspect bag identification/tracking
  • No mix-ups/false alarms
  • Audio-visual alerts or trigger events
  • Detection as per the security/tracking needs
  • Passenger profiling capability
  • Integration capability with BHS/CCTV/screening system