Cardtek is founded in 2001 to meet the growing demand in chip and payment technologies mandated by EMV standards.



ACS enables issuing banks to participate in Verified by Visa, MasterCard with SecureCodethat adds an additional layer of security for online credit and debit card transactions.With 3-D Secure ACS, issuing banks will be able to authenticate cardholders by confirming their identity by asking cardholders to provide an extra password, static or one-time (OTP), whenever they make a Card Not Present transaction online. It is designed for banks and 3rd party processors.

Quick Facts

  • Single solution for both Visa and MasterCard 3D secure transactions.
  • Eliminating the burden of remembering any static password
  • Minimizing fraud risk in e-commerce transactions
  • Additional Security layer with transaction based OTP generation


Payfor manages 3D secure Acquiring transactions with digital payment gateway and back office applications. Payfor works integrated with Acquiring Systems of the banks and Processing centers. The 3D secure Acquiring transactions are operated in a secure way with the MPI(Merchant Plug-In) product which has the ‘’’ certificates. MPI module is a host based implementation of the acquirer domain ’verified by visa’’ and ‘’MasterCard Secure Codeand American Express Safekey functionality.

Quick Facts

  • Eliminating digital payment fraud risk by implementing the 3D Secure infrastructure.
  • Existing Payment gateway can gain 3D secure transaction capability with our MPI module.
  • Supports the Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode and American Express Safekey features together

Payfor CPOS

Payfor CPOS generates and manages the periodical recurring transactions for the installment and subscription-based billing schedules formerchants such as TV subscriber firms, insurance companies, school etc. and automatically collect payments for future transactions.The solution takes care of these transactions automatically during the defined time period once the transaction is defined into the system. The transaction becomes convenient for all the parties.

Quick Facts

  • No Manual Operation
  • No Need to installation or development to Merchant