Warehouse Productivity Barriers

31 August 2016 0 views


The increase from online shops, manufacturing production demands to reliable delivery requires a better productivity within warehousing activity. Automation which deem to be the solution for all processes in businesses right through manufacturing worlds, pose new challenges in various industries such as the increase in the demand for shipments, expedited delivery times and the easy use of mobile computers.

Other challenges in warehouses include the demand for accurate & timely order picking to ensure delivery of the right products at the right time to the right customers. Nowadays, warehouses can only handle certain amount of volume of order, which fully depend on a place upon these three things: efficiency, accuracy and productivity. 


It is true that companies have now shifted from paper based to electronic systems and trading paper forms for instant processes. The issue now is when online sales and home delivery increases as mentioned previously, order volume and SKUs increases as well. This now brings the demand that orders now need to be fulfilled quicker and with the changes in employees’ demographic, people now incline to opt for easy to use applications, instead of the regular green screen devices.

Now, even though companies have shifted from paper based to electronic systems, why do productivities have been decreasing overtime? This comes down to the traditional “gun-style” mobile computer that require two steps to scan and verify codes by:

  1. Scan the Bar Code
  2. In order to see information displayed, workers tilt the mobile to see the screen

This pose a non-value added wrist motion of scan and verify with interrupted workflow, increased cycle time and motion overhead, which result in decrease in worker productivity and increase in fatigue. Then?


Zebra TC8000 Touch Computer, an enterprise mobile computer is an ergonomically re-architected device concept, which optimizes workflow and reduces repetitive motions through a single plane user interface. With the older and other versions of enterprise mobile computers, ‘tilt’ motions were the results of dual-plane user interface of which they carried. The Zebra TC8000 has replaced the dual plane with single plane, which allows users to scan, and view the screen with a single motion.


The Zebra TC8000, of course, is a rugged tool for any demanding warehousing jobs. It results in eliminating ‘tilt’ motions, a major increase in productivity by reducing physical motions and effort associated with picking. Its ruggedness consist of IP65 sealing, which means total dust protection and also immunity to low pressure water jets from all directions. It can handle 8-foot drops to concrete at room temperature and 6-foot drops over the full operating temperature range (which is -4 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit). Zebra subjected it to 2,000 tumbles from a height of 3.3 feet, vibration, thermal shock, humidity, etc. Talking about ruggedness to break warehouse productivity barriers!

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