Warehouse Management Solution By SCMProfit

27 March 2017 0 views

PT. Duta Kalingga Pratama's Solution for Warehousing is a fully featured Warehouse Management System (WMS) to help both integrated logistic service providers and independent warehouse operators control the movement and storage of materials.

The product can be installed as a standalone system or as an integrated module of the SCMProfit suite. A diverse set of functionality is offered to cover both straigthfoward as well as specialized warehouse needs, covering all process associated with picking, repelenishment and put away.

SCMProfit is a browser based solution enabling real-time information exchange. As a fully intergrated system, SCMProfit allows the company to plan , monitor, execute, and control the end to end supply chain. SCMProfit is no need to acquire extra systems, and the hardware and software demands are significantly reduced. It helps a business leverage the latest technology innovations without added costs of perpetual license fees, additional servers, dedicated staff or third party consultants to implement and administer complex enterprise applications.

The responsibility and expense of running software applications is taken off the shoulders of a business and it is free to concentrate on its core areas of business. SCMProfit will help your company achieve world class performance.

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