In Store Operations

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Staff Enablement : Develop a connected staff who can quickly and accuratly access information from anywhere to add value to your customers experience.

Point Of Sale : Process payments efficiently and accurately anywher with mobile and fixed POS Solutions.

Inventory Management : Ensure the products that shoppers want are always available when they want them.

Price Strategy And Inventory Analytic Solutions : Find actionable insights for your retail omnichannel environment with Zebra's Price Management Execution and Action Manager Service.

Personal Shopping Solution : Zebra's personal shopping solution allows customers to scan their own items as they shop, resulting in efficient bag packing and faster cheque out.

Couponing, Gift and Loyalty Solutions : Build customer loyalty by offering a more personal experience through intelligent rewards programmers, gift registries, and coupons.

Direct Store Delivery : Enable field workers to perform pre-sales , sales route accounting activities and more effectively interact with customers.

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