Higher Security Access Through Face Recognition

03 September 2016 0 views

Big cities and favourite tourists destinations in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Lombok and many more are now home of some of the fine cuisines for people around the world to indulge in. Becoming famous for its cuisines also has safety and security expectations both for the employees and its guests.

Restaurants or cafes receive number of guest daily and due to its security hazard, it is very important for some areas to be restricted such as kitchen, administration offices, and private areas from patrons and unauthorized staff. Having that in mind, efficiency is achieved by keeping monitor of employee’s time attendance and clear output in reports.

In order to provide a reliable security, the use of Anviz Facepro has provided the benefits to keep securities at bay. The Anviz Facepro, a breakthrough in innovation with all new BioNANO core algorithm and powerful hardware platform ensures terminal identification speed to be at less than 1 second. The Anviz-designed access control and time attendance mixed with FacePass Pro, a facial recognition device is an essential matter due to number of reasons, one is security and the other is reliability. This reliability is essential as kitchen stuff tends to use their oily fingers on the fingerprint access with could damage the device in the long run.