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The numbers of buildings in robust city like Jakarta are steadily climbing. Be it commercial or residential buildings, the trend has becoming that living quarters are stretching vertically rather than horizontally due to the limited spaces around. Great buildings (Hotels, Hospitals, shopping Malls, etc) mean nothing without proper maintenance. Two stories building might be one thing, but when it comes to thirty or fifty stories building, management must be done in such a way that periodic service and assets management must be properly conducted.

With Buildfolio – using its Computer Assisted Facility Management (CAFM), comprehensive database to improve future budget allocation for assets in the buildings can now be provided. Although there might not be zero defects in assets, Buildfolio provides system to track valuable assets through identifying potential hazards and a better Service Level Agreement (SLA), which combined with the state of the art management software in enhancing the ability of trusting each other, minimize late payments, and incorrect charging by 3rd parties. With Buildfolio’s Total Quality Management, assets such as Air Conditioning, Machines, Furnitures, Electricity allow owners and shareholders to monitor tenants, report real times to the shareholders, and able to schedule for regular maintenance and service without having to manually done them.

This in fact brings higher revenue and profit for the building and prolonging the age of the building. The service and maintenance modules can now be performed through Core and Add-on Modules. Core Modules having the Work Order Management to streamline processes; Asset Management to minimize failures and prolong asset’s life; and 2 way digital radio SMS escalation that enable easy work order deployment through simple message. Now, Building Facility Management becomes simpler with Buildfolio Implementation and a worthwhile Investment to consider in advancing away from its competitors.

Using buildfolio for Facility Management system, will produce significant reports for all the investors in terms of better monitoring and reducing cost . If you are interested for a demo for buildfolio, we are more than happy to do it for you.

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